Expat Home makes your new home ready for living at your destination

Moving abroad is quite an organization for an expat and his or her family. There is already so much on their minds. That’s why we love to take care of their homes on destination before their arrival. Temporarily or not, we will make it their own place by decorating the house with furniture, lighting, kitchen, wall paper, and even if you like, a full refrigerator and working TV. Everyting in the way you want your place to be. The way it will fit you and your life style.

So, you don’t have to worry about your home decoration. After your arrival all you have to do is enjoy your new, comfortable home and the adventure ahead of you. Whether it is in The Nederlands or anywhere else in de world.

You’ve got the house? We make it your place

Are you, or is one of your employees moving abroad soon as an expat? Please contact us. We will gladly inform you about our services and the possibilities.

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