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You're probably about to move to Amterdam or maybe you just did. And now you're wondering how movie night could possibly be as good as it is now?! No need to worry. The Netherlands has everything you need for a perfect movie night and I know just were to find it.

Expat Home is here to help you create a home that fits your style and makes you feel right at home. But what exactly does an interior stylist do? Let me give you some examples of how I can help you.

Be sure to contact me in time if you want your new home to be ready for you when you arrive in Holland. All I need from you is the key and some of your time for a quick Skype chat. 

who's that girl?

Hi Marlies, it's time to

get a little personal.

Oh, dear..

Who are you and what have you been doing so far?

I am a wildly passionate interior stylist. But you can call me Marlies. I studied All Round Styling at the Artemis Styling Academy. And fell madly in love with Amsterdam during that time. I started working as a junior interior designer for MEMO. After that I became a

stylist for the awesome Dutch interior label Lifestyle Home Collection. On the weekends I used to help people out with their interior. Eventually this 'hobby' turned into ExpatHome. 

Best interior advice?

Besides hiring me you mean? Haha!

The best thing to do is to let go of

doubts and fears. Choose that bright colour, buy that odd looking lamp, hang the poster with the bold statement. Just do it!

What is your favourite place

in the house?

Easy. The kitchen of course. That's where the food is. 

Who are your role models?

I'm drawn to strong, independent and unique women like Vivienne Westwood, Iris Apfel and Patricia Field. I can't help but absolutely love how they follow their heart and simply don't care about the naysayers.

Can you give us one of your interior secrets?

Mixing the right materials with the right colour palette can give your home a super expensive look without spending an obscure 

amount of money.

Do you have hobbies?

When I'm not working I'm either cooking, eating or thinking about food. 


Yes please! My ultimate playlist is a mix of old soul, 90's hits and 80's power ballads. 

Besides getting a great home, are there any other benefits of working with you?

Oh definitely. My love for Amsterdam is a huge bonus for my clients. They get to know all the great restaurants, hang outs, cafe's and stores. Working with me is like a crash course getting to know Amsterdam.

like what you see?

Let's get in touch.

Help me out a little.

Asking an interior stylist for help doesn't automatically 

mean you need a full home make-over. Maybe you just need a personal styling plan:

  • Floorplan

  • Lightning plan

  • Colour advise

  • Personal moodboard

  • Furniture and accessory suggestions 

Help me out a little more.

While you’re busy doing important things, I will put your personal styling plan into action.

  • Ordering furniture and accessories

  • Getting everything up to your floor

  • Decorating your apartment

Help me out a lot.

If you wish a complete make-over, I'm your girl. In addition I will:

  • Schedule appointments with skilled painters and electricians 

  • Make sure they do a good job 

  • Be in your house when they are so you don't have to

Are you ready?



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