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April 25, 2018

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5 hard-to-kill houseplants. Even for you.

December 21, 2017


When you reach adulthood, you’ll discover that a lot of things your parents did so effortlessly are actually near to impossible. Like paying bills on time and cook tasty meals for 15 people. Eventually you’ll figure out how to do those things and you’ll discover that you are left with just one more challenge: keeping those f*cking houseplants alive.


We’ve all been there. For some reason, you felt all sophisticated and you bought one. Took it home with you and organized a little photoshoot for Instagram. #adultgoals #plantlife #meandmyplant You named it Larry. You watered and loved Larry. But as it turns out, Larry is a bastard and he died on you.  


Let me just say this. It is not your fault. You just weren’t properly informed about what plants fit your neglectful and lazy character. No judgement. I own two of these plants.



Yucca Elephantipes


Are you a ‘making a big impression with minimal effort’ type of person? Yes? This is your new best plant-friend. No? keep reading.


Photo: Intratuin.







ZZ Plant


This is a tough one. It is perfectly fine with low light and a little water neglect. Making friends with your neighbor in case you need them to water the plants is a thing of the past. 


Photo: Intratuin.





 Peace Lily


The Peace Lily is a bit trickier. It’s okay with low light but it needs regular watering. You do get flowers in return. And it improves the indoor air quality. Worth the trouble. 


Photo: Intratuin.










English Ivy


Let your inner stylist out by letting this badboy hang from the cabinet or a shelf. And then just leave it there. 


Photo: Intratuin.







Snake plant


This plant is perfect. It doesn’t need a whole lot of natural light, water or attention. It just loves being neglected. Perfection! (I could make a reverence about your spouse. But I won’t.)


Photo: Intratuin.







Don't be shy and share your proud plant-selfies! 








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