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April 25, 2018

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Shopping for a rug doesn’t have to be a pain in the *ss.

December 22, 2017

The living room, especially the couch area, is a very important place in the house. The couch area plays a crucial part in movie nights, pj Sundays and maybe, if you’re lucky, some gymnastics every now and then. So, therefore one must take the decoration of this part of the house very seriously. 



Combining the couch with the right coffee table and the perfect rug can be a huge pain in the *ss. Let me help you out by giving you some guidelines. 












Size matters.


This also applies to rugs and coffee tables. When it comes to rugs, remember this: all legs on the rug or front legs on the rug, back legs off. If this sounds super weird, just look at example one and two below.  


In general, you're good if you pick out one rectangle shaped coffee table or two smaller square tables.


Round rug. Yes or no?


Well yes, of course! Round rugs are a great way to give your interior an eclectic feeling. Don’t be afraid to mix two or three different sizes and patterns. Combine with some small round tables and you’re good to go.



The big no-no’s.


A rug that only fits the coffee table. It makes you look like you have no sense of spatial awareness. Just so we’re clear: that is not a positive thing.


A round rug with square coffee tables looks just very unfortunate. Kind of like you are still waiting for the square rug the be delivered. So, if you don’t want to use this as an excuse all the time you may want to consider buying a bigger rug.


Comfort is king. Don’t make your guests (or yourself) stand up and walk to a tiny table just to put down a cup of coffee. It’s annoying. On the other hand, if you don’t feel very hospitable you can use this trick to make your guests go home faster.


Please, keep in mind that these are just guidelines. I personally very much enjoy not playing by the rules so feel free to ignore everything you’ve just read.


Posting a picture of your living room in the comments below would make me very happy. Just so you know.







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