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How to survive Kingsday in Amsterdam

April 25, 2018

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Interior trends for 2018.

December 31, 2017

“Trends are superficial.”


A lot of people say this. And they say that they don’t follow any of them. In fact... there is a pretty big chance that you are one of those people. So, to prevent you accidently purchase something hip and happening, I’ve created this list of 2018 interior trends. What not to like: 


Dark kitchens.


Are you in the market for a kitchen in 2018? Whatever you do, don't go dark. Dark kitchens will be super trendy next year. This trend will give your kitchen a super cozy feeling. Sounds horrible right?! A great benefit that no one really talks about is the fact that you don’t have to clean a dark kitchen as thoroughly as a light one because you don’t see every stain. This sounds like heaven to me. I can say this because I happen to like trends. 
























  Photo: www.instagram.com/rethinkinterior                                                Photo: www.instagram.com/ashleytstark    



Dark wood.


In 2018, you will find dark wood everywhere. It’s used on the wall, on the floor, in furniture and accessories. Nothing will be safe from this trend. True stylish people will combine the dark wood trend with the dark kitchen trend. I suggest painting everything white. Just to be safe…
























Photo: www.instagram.com/vtwonen                                                           Photo: www.instagram.com/chairishco


Beige and brown.


Time to say goodbye to the grey walls and white furniture combination. Beige and brown are back. And it looks like they won’t be going anywhere soon. So, if you are one of those beige-is-boring-types it's either time to practice your poker face or accept that you won’t be invited to several housewarming parties. I wish you all the best either way. 




















  Photo: www.instagram.com/kseniamyasnikova                                          Photo: www.instagram.com/idealhomeuk



How about last years trends?


If you think you can now use all the 2017 trends without risking being trendy, think again. Some of last years trends are persistent. Don't worry, I've got your back.


Organic materials and traditional handcrafts are still very populair next year. Stay away from those.


Bright coloured accessories will still be used to give an all natural interior some spice. Just wait one more year before purchasing anything natural.


The greenery trend will also stay around in 2018. Kick out anything green just to be safe.






Photo: Maree Homer | Styling: Louella Tuckey



Bye bye 2017.


Right now, it's December 31st, 2017. Neighborhood kids started lighting fireworks and ‘Hotel California’ by the Eagles is on the radio because every radio station is playing some sort of ‘best of’ list. So please forgive me, but I can’t help but reminisce a little.


2017 has been one crazy roller-coaster. Much has changed. The best change was quitting my job and starting my cool company ExpatHome. I have no idea what 2018 will bring but I’m curious to find out.


In the meantime I will continue doing what makes me feel good and ignore the naysayers. Who's with me?


Have fun,




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