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How to survive Kingsday in Amsterdam

April 25, 2018

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How to get rid of homesickness.

January 23, 2018

                                                                 Pic: unsplash 


Look at you, living the millennial dream life. You got that awesome job in Amsterdam you wanted. Your apartment is in this cosy neighborhood with a lot of cafés and restaurants nearby. Your apartment maybe a bit small but hey, everything is small here. Except for the people. The people are very tall. Your colleagues are fun and you’ve even managed to ride your brand new secondhand bike to work without getting hurt! Everything is going well. So how come you can’t stop thinking about home?


“Homesickness can

seriously interfere with

your day to day life.”


Whatever you do, don’t think homesickness is a kids only thing and just ignore it. About 90% of adults have experienced homesickness in one way or another and it can seriously interfere with your day to day life. Homesickness makes it hard for you to concentrate on your new job and you find yourself daydreaming about home a lot. This daydreaming will make you sad every time until you just feel sad all day. You have trouble falling asleep at night and when you finally do you wake up a lot during the night. No wonder you are tired during the day. Needless to say, this doesn’t help with the concentration thing.


Homesickness sucks. That much is clear. But going back home really isn’t going to do your career any favors. Let’s focus on ways you can get rid of your homesickness and start to feel at home in this fantastic city.






















Talking about it will help you. I may be a little awkward at first. But Amsterdam, and most likely your company too, is filled with expats and you are not the only one who feels lost the first few weeks. I can guarantee you that this will make you feel less alone instantly.


Another way to get rid of homesickness is to go out and explore the city. Go and find yourself some new habits. Like having your Saturday morning coffee at this cute terrace around the corner. This doesn’t mean you have to give up all your old habits. But mixing old and new habits will make you feel more at home. Just try it.

“The most important

solution to your homesickness

is to pay tons of attention

to your apartment.”

The most important solution to your homesickness is to pay tons of attention to your apartment. It is very important that you really love spending time in your new home. The fastest way to bring your mind at ease is to create a place where you can relax and feel 100% comfortable. Riding your bike across town to search for places with the right furniture could be a great way to explore the city. But if you don’t see yourself decorate your entire apartment alone, I’m here to help. I am an Amsterdam based interior stylist and I know all the hidden gems of this town. 


I believe that feeling at home in your own home will benefit your focus and health. By sharing my network with you we will speed up the process and you will love your new cosy crib in no time. Send me an email at and I'll meet you for a cup of coffee. 


See you soon?







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