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How to survive Kingsday in Amsterdam

April 25, 2018

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Fit girls and hangover coffee; your typical Saturday morning in Amsterdam.

February 2, 2018


Saturday is my favorite day of the week. The nine to fivers are off duty, markets are busy, tourists are lost and everything is possible. On Saturday morning, the city has this untamable energy that I can’t resist. I have to get out of the house and join the buzz.


Sporty mornings versus hangover coffee dates.


The Saturday morning is divided into two camps. Camp sporty gets up early and works out. Amsterdam is a small city with a lot of inhabitants so the gyms fill up fast. Therefore, outdoor exercise is popular and the street becomes this crazy mix between joggers, cyclists and dog walkers. In other cities, these people would go to the park. But in Amsterdam every square inch of every park is jammed packed with bootcamp groups. Are you are thinking about joining a bootcamp group? Do yourself a favor and go shopping first. They all look impeccable. Go for a walk in any given park in Amsterdam on Saturday morning and you will enter the Nike ‘18 Spring catalogue. Including the models that is. Apparently, Saturdays are for showing off your beach body instead of creating one.  


 Damage control.


The other camp, Camp Coffee, took things a little too far at the vrij-mi-bo on Friday. It all started so innocent. Just two or three boozy beverages with some colleagues after work. But then Wendy from HR suggested to just get one more drink at this café where a friend of her works. Before you know it, you find yourself outside of Café Nol or Mazzeltof after closing hours trying to find something to eat. (Or someone but that’s a different story.) Because you haven’t had dinner yet. The next morning you wake up with a massive hangover and you crave coffee and fried food. For very obvious reasons you aren’t particularly interested in making it yourself.  So, you go out. And while you’re at it you also invite last night party crew. You lure them to a brunch spot close to your house with greasy food. During brunch, you try to do some discrete damage control. They are your colleagues after all…


It will surprise no one that I’ve found and joined the one bootcamp group that sweats away the hangover in last seasons sports gear while drinking coffee.


How do you spend your Saturday mornings?









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