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April 25, 2018

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3 ice skating tips for dummies who want to skate on the Amsterdam canals this weekend

March 2, 2018

Pic: @RutgerGeleijnse


You may have noticed the recent temperature drop. If you didn’t: what’s wrong with you?! Anyway, the whole country basically just wants to go ice skating on natural ice. Especially on the beautiful Amsterdam canals. Are you planning on joining the ice skating madness? Here are a view pointers:




Besides the fact that it’s freezing-your-ass-off-cold and not leaving your warm apartment is a much better idea, the ice simply isn’t strong enough. Instead you can go skating on one of the natural ice skating ranks that have the ‘safe’ label given by the Schaatsbond. Check their website to see where to go.


That being said, you will see people ice skating on the canals. And maybe you will get all excited. And maybe you will no longer care about safety. And maybe, somehow, you will find yourself on the ice this weekend. Please, remember these rules.


Never skate alone


Make sure you have a partner and never skate too close to each other. That way if one of you ends up underneath the ice in the freezing water, the other one can help.


Know the ice


The blue sky and idyllic canal houses are absolutely stunning. And also, very distracting. While ice skating on natural ice, one must always keep a close eye on the ice. Color differences could indicate a difference in quality. Usually: dark = good and light = bad. Bubbles in the ice usually are an indicator for weaker ice and try to avoid skating under bridges as much as possible. Good luck with that on the canals ;-)


Have fun and be safe!




Marlies Novica is an Amsterdam based interior designer who loves to make you feel at home. Learn more about her here.



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