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April 25, 2018

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5 decorating tips for small Amsterdam apartments

March 13, 2018

Are you close to becoming a millionaire? No? Then you’re probably living in a small apartment/studio like the rest of us mortal souls. Turning a small house into a cozy home without having to sell all of your stuff, can be a bit of a challenge. Here are a view hacks to help you out:




I know I said, ‘without having to sell all of your stuff’ but decluttering is necessary. Let’s be honest here, do you really need 18 tea mugs, 24 decorative pillows and 15 vases? (In case you are wondering the answer is a firm ‘NO')


Pic: @Tinyhouses



Storage is you new bff


Walls are great for storage. In fact, have as many shelves as possible. This will help get your stuff off the ground and off the furniture and will create a more spacious feeling. Tip: Try not to use the floor for storage if you want to avoid the I’m-living-in-a-garage-box-feeling.


 Pic: @minimal_interiors


Choose furniture wisely


You want to stay clear from bulky furniture. Instead choose light, simple yet sophisticated designs with build in storage possibilities. Make sure to check out some Scandinavian brands. They are masters in this area.


Pic: @Simpleinterior



Break up the room


Especially when you are living in a studio. By dividing the space into different areas your home will feel more spacious. And you've tricked yourself into thinking your place actually has rooms. Score! Use pieces of furniture to divide the room. This will create extra storage. 


Pic: @Smallapartmentdesignideas 


Most important: make it your own


I think everybody should love their home. Always. But when it comes to living in a small apartment loving your place is extra important. Release your inner stylist and make yourself fall in love with your home. Trouble finding your inner stylist? Contact me and we’ll figure it out together.


Pic: @reserve_home 


Have fun decorating your apartment and don't be afraid to ask me for help. Talk to you soon!



Marlies Novica is an Amsterdam based interior designer who loves to make you feel at home. Learn more about her here.


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