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April 25, 2018

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The 10 stages of moving to a new home

March 22, 2018


 Pic: Stephanie Lavaggi 


As we speak I'm packing up my stuff. I'm moving to a an awesome new apartment in Amsterdam West. Yesterday I found myself reminiscing over some old polaroids and I realised that moving comes with different stages. Today I entered stage 6. Where you at?




You are moving to a great new place. And there really is only one way to properly celebrate… Victory dances in your knickers in front of the mirror and eating pizza at the same time. It’s mandatory so you better start right away.


2.Where do I start?!


Packing up your stuff is a b*tch. Do you start in the kitchen? Nope, still need to cook. Clothing? Nope, can’t be naked for the upcoming days. Bathroom? Nope, don’t want to stink… Prepare yourself for at least a full hour of wandering around your house completely clueless.


3.When did I buy all this stuff?!


During this stage, you haven’t actually started packing yet. You are just trying to figure out where all of this stuff came from. You may even start to blame your partner, roommate, pet or houseplants for over purchasing. This is totally normal. Everybody knows it was you anyway.


4.I’m just gonna throw everything out


Now you are starting to panic just a little. So, you start to think about throwing everything out and buy new stuff for the new home. Instead I suggest you start decluttering. This will put your mind at ease.




At one point, you’ll find pictures. You are now screwed. This will happen: hours later you’ll find yourself sitting on the floor, drinking red wine, surrounded by photo albums, listening to CD's you bought in high school and reminiscing about your first summer romance. If you are able to resist this stage, you have no soul and I’m sorry you had to find out by reading this blog.


 Pic: VSCO


6.Stressing out


By now you’ve realized that you’ve wasted too much time and you have to hurry the f*ck up. This is a positive thing though. You’ll start packing like a crazy person.


7.The extra boxes/tape/bubble wrap


By the time you’re almost done, something weird happens. You’ll convince yourself that you don’t have enough boxes or tape or bubble wrap or sharpies or whatever and you absolutely must get extra ones. This is not true. Do not give in to this urge. Your brain is just bored because packing is boring. Continue packing and ignore your bored brain. You can do this!


8.Moving day


It will be tough but you can do it. The movers will handle your box of pillows with the at most care and treat your antique cabinet like a rugby player. Just keep on smiling and try not to have a mental breakdown in public.


9.Unnecessarily delaying unpacking


Depending on your personality and how well you handled stage 4 the unpacking stage can last anywhere from one day to eternity. Unpacking sucks just as much as packing but at least you now know where to find your childhood CD’s.


10.Total bliss


All the boxes are unpacked, you’ve painted and decorated and you are totally loving your new home. Time to change into your ugly yet comfy pj’s and relaaaaaax.



Hold on, you don’t absolutely adore your new home?! I can’t let that happen. Contact me here and I’ll help you out.


Good luck!




Marlies Novica is an Amsterdam based interior designer who loves to make you feel at home. Learn more about her here.



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